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Weight Loss Programmes


1) Bee pollen is a natural appetite suppressant: Bee pollen helps you feel fuller for longer and is often called a “super food” because it is the richest and purest natural food that is incredible for nutritional and medicinal value.

2) Bee pollen contains: Phenylalanine

They are packed with amino acids, including the amino acid phenylalanine, which helps to control hunger and appetite. I’ve found that consuming bee pollen is so nutritionally complete that it helps you eat less overall food in a day, and helps balance cravings.

Acting on the appetite, phenylalanine controls the feeling of fullness and hunger of the body, helping to reduce the amount of calories consumed and thereby encouraging weight loss. The body changes the intake of phenylalanine into another amino acid, tyrosine which is important in making proteins and brain chemicals including the neurotransmitter and hormone cholecystokinin which is known to promote feelings of satiation and thereby reduce appetite.

3) It contains amino acids that helps to increase the metabolism rate by flushing and dissolving the fat cells in the body.

4) It contains lecithin which is responsible for the pollen’s calorie burning properties. It also acts as natural energizer.

5) It lowers the calorie intake, prevents the conversion of sugars and carbohydrates into fat and reduces the fat deposition in the body.

6) It also immediately absorbs the fat from the dietary fat.

7) Bee pollen helps regulate hormones, and it controls metabolic activity — containing amino acids that help increase your metabolism by dissolving fat cells in the body.

8) Bee pollen reduces hypertension: Bee pollen is also essential for reducing hypertension while increasing metabolic function.

9) Bee pollen contents: The enormous list of nutrients it contains include 22 amino acids, 18 vitamins, 25 minerals, 59 trace elements, 11 enzymes and co-enzymes, 40 fatty acids, 11 carbohydrates and approximately 25% protein, all of which are needed for healthy living.


Weight loss equation:

Water (h2o) + Apple (vitamin c) + Lime (vitamin c) + Courgette (manganese), + Bee Pollen (magnesium) + Chia Seed (magnesium) = Nature's Natural Weight Loss


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