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J.T Partnerships

If your interested in partnering with J.T Freshly to promote our product range in exchange for 50% of the profits the procedure below.

As soon as your ready to get started simply download all the promotional material from the link below. This is the material that you'll use as captions, images and videos for the posts on your social media

Then once you have the promotional material message us asking for your unique checkout code which we will then generate and and send to you so we can track the sales that you have made.


We provide you with a unique discount code to track the sales you make and a e-mail address to send some additional promotional material for the posts too.

We provide you with additional promotional information that you can use in addition to the information on the product pages.

Most people sell the products to their social media followers primarily through posts of the articles, images, videos, reviews or testimonials that we will provide you with.

We handle the products and shipping etc you just need to make the posts to your accounts or use a post scheduler.

The main thing you need to do is ensure that anyone who buys from our website uses your unique code at the checkout.

An provide us with your PayPal account to send your section if the income from each sale to.

You’ll receive your payment within 48 hours of the sale but 90% of the time it’ll be within 24 hours.

Promotional Material:

We have detailed information about each product under the buy now buttons on each product page for you to learn more about them.

Plus we will provide you with additional promotional items. In the form of articles, images, videos, reviews or testimonials that we will provide you with.

I’ve included a list of the product range below, feel free to select whichever products you feel you’d be able to promote.

Promotional Material (Captions, Images & Videos):


Around 50% of each of our sales is profit. So 50% of the profits would be 25% of the sale price. So for every sale you make we’d give you 25% of the sale price directly to your PayPal account the same day.

Our average order is around £40 but we do get individual orders of around £100. So you could receive up to £25 per sale that gets made with your unique discount code just by introducing our products to your followers, friends, family etc.

Product Range:

Energy Juice

Detox Juice

Weight Loss Juice

Energy Powder

Detox Powder

Weight Loss Powder

Energy Porridge

Detox Porridge

Energy Water

Detox Water

Weight Loss Water

Great the codes "sharronearnsha3" it's 33% off and could you give me your e-mail address and I'll get some additional promotional material sent over for the posts tomorrow.