So, you started juice fasting, but halfway through you realised you haven’t looked into how to break a fast safely. Breaking a fast is generally as critical as the quick itself. Done effectively, you can minimise potential antagonistic responses, for example, gas or a stomachache.

There are many reasons why people do juice fasts – for general health, increased longevity, better fat loss, boosting muscle growth and improving cognition.

However, whatever the reason for you is you still want to follow a few guidelines when breaking your fast. You can’t just start eating whatever or you may put too much stress on your gut or to not cause excess inflammation.

Brief overview to breaking fast

Step 1

Eat vegetables, vegetable soup, nuts and seeds as your first solids for a day or two after a juice fast. It's best to eat them raw and in little sums.

Step 2

Include little measures of low sugar fruit to your diet next. A pick organic fruits whenever possible.

Step 3

Eat little measures of protein, for example, salmon, skinless protein, cheddar and eggs, by about day four or five. Overwhelming proteins are all the more exhausting on your digestive system.

Step 4

Bite your food gradually to help your digestive system in returning to processing solids and to minimise gas and to bloat. Biting steadily likewise helps you feel full on littler parts; it gives your stomach more opportunity to move to your mind that you're full.

Step 5

Drink about a portion of your body weight in ounces of water every day to stay hydrated and minimise conceivable post-fast symptoms, for example, cravings and gas.

Step by step guide to breaking a fast

Now to get more detailed, let’s start with the common situation where you’ve been fasting for about 24 hours, and you’re nearing the finish line. Now that you’re about to break the fast, you want to consume something that stimulates the digestive tract without releasing insulin.

Apple cider vinegar is perfect for this – it balances healthy ph levels, kills off harmful bacteria in your gut, stabilises blood sugar and improves overall health. You can drink a glass of apple cider vinegar during your fast. But it’s an excellent drink for breaking it as well. Here’s what I do before eating any meals.

2 tbsp of raw apple cider vinegar
One half of lemon squeezed into hot water
One pinch of cinnamon for better blood sugar stabilisation
One pinch of sea salt

Alternatively, you can do this without apple cider vinegar as well and use hot lemon water.

In any case, you want the citric acid from lemons to promote the creation of digestive enzymes in the gut before you eat.

What to drink when breaking a fast

After that, you can also drink some bone broth. Bone broth is fantastic and super good for you because it has a ton of electrolytes, but it’s also packed with collagen.

Collagen protein is what most of your body is made of your joints, nails, hair, skin – it helps to keep you more youthful and elastic. Drinking bone broth after your fast will also help you to absorb the other electrolytes and minerals a lot better.

Your gut has been cleaning house for a while and is now ready to utilise the nutrients from the bone broth as well as the foods you’ll be consuming afterwards.

If you’ve been fasting for over 24 hours, then it’s a good idea to drink some bone broth or some soup before you eat anything substantial. If you’ve fasted for less then, it’s not as essential but still a good idea. Adding cinnamon to bone broth is also a good idea.

An alternative for bone broth is also fish broth.

You cook up all the leftover bits of the fish, like the head, the fins and bones so you could get all those extra omega-3 fatty acids, which are tremendously useful for your brain and heart health. I mean, don’t just throw away these foods when there are still so many unused nutrients on them.

Breaking your fast with fruit

Let’s talk about fruit.

Fruits are made of fructose, which is sugar that can be metabolised only by the liver. It can’t be used to replenish muscle glycogen. Your liver can store 100-150 grams of glycogen, which gets depleted quite quickly during a 24 hour fast.

So, the best time to eat fruit ever is when your liver glycogen is empty, I.E. When fasting or while exercising. Because if your liver is already full and you’re eating fruit, then that fructose will be stored as fat and you may even get fatty liver disease.

But there aren’t many benefits to fruit in general. If your liver glycogen gets depleted, you’ll be burning ketones, and you don’t need to replenish your stores with fructose. You’ll be better off with continuing to stay in this fat-burning state, rather than breaking it with sugar that you don’t need.

If you do choose to consume fruit, then still make it low glycemic and opt for fruit with more fibre, like apples, berries or pears.
How much to eat when breaking a fast

The first meal should be still relatively small. In total, it should be around 500 calories unless you’re coming straight from a workout.

If you’ve exercised on an empty stomach, then you would want to consume more calories to shuttle amino acids into the cells and promote protein synthesis.

If you’re on the ketogenic diet, then the best foods would be eggs because they also have a lot of leucine. Leucine is the amino acid that’s responsible for muscle growth the most.

If you’re on a regular diet that doesn’t restrict carbs, then it’s a good idea to eat some carbs because that insulin response would be used for muscle building not getting fat. Great choices are rice cakes, ripe banana or some potatoes.

What you eat after your first meal depends on what diet protocol you follow and how long your eating window is. But you don’t need any more than 2-3 meals to consume your calories.

Considerations while breaking fast

It's best to reintroduce light, low-sugar vegetables, for example, dull green, verdant vegetables, first. Proceed onward to more massive vegetables, for example, carrots, potatoes or pumpkin.

Maintain a strategic distance from overwhelming, oily foods, for example, seared meat or margarine for whatever length of time that conceivable after your juice fast.

Stay away from large meals no matter what as this stuns your digestive system after a juice fast and makes unfriendly responses more probable.



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