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The quickest, tastiest and easiest way to lose weight without exercise is by juice fasting

Juice fasting for delayed periods of time is connected with cases of fast weight loss. Making it a great way to lose weight without exercise.

Juice fasting can appear challenging but you can easily get in shape by juice fasting every other day plus there is also a great alternative in juice feasting. They may be two separate root but they both help you to the same end goal of losing weight without exercise

Juice fasting

People completing a juice fast consume just the juices from fresh fruits and vegetables, in as many times a day as they like and can comfortably drink, in place of their solid food meals.

The measure of juices consumed daily is around 2-3 litres. In between juices, you may also drink vegetable soups, herbal teas, and plenty of drinking water just pure fluids.

With this kind of fast, healing reactions may happen earlier in your fast and possibly more severe, but consider them all as good signs of your body being on the way to losing weight without any exercise.

Juice feasting

Juice feasting is essentially a long-term cleansing and detoxification program that relies on consuming an abundance of fresh, raw fruit and vegetable in addition to consuming an abundance of fresh, raw fruit and vegetable juices. An this is another great way

There are various interpretations of juice feasting, though for me, juice feasting is consuming juices (1-2 liters/quarts a day) and eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

You may incorporate slightly cooked vegetables (steamed, softly mix broiled, or whitened), during your juice consumption. The idea is not to be hungry, and you can eat as much as you comfortably want, without over doing it.

During juice feasting, you eliminate all other harmful foods from your diet: flour and sugar products, processed and deep fried foods, dairy and meat products, soda, alcohol and caffeine.

So which option is best? To juice fast or to juice feast?

It is totally up to you whether you want to juice fast or juice feast. There are no hard and fast rules.

Some people like to keep it simple by drinking only juices, along with water, broths, and herbal teas. This is great, it works!

Some people cannot afford to go hungry like in the case of diabetics so they prefer to eat alongside juicing. Then go on a juice feast as described above. Feasting on fresh, organic food is the key in healing. This works too.

Whatever you decided to do, pick a detox/juice cleanse that’s suited to you. Drinking an increased amount of juices provides you a variety of nutrients which you would otherwise not get. The amount you drink determines how fast you will heal from your ailment. You decide how fast you want to lose weight without exercise.


Weight loss equation:

Water (h2o) + Apple (vitamin c) + Lime (vitamin c) + Courgette (manganese), + Bee Pollen (magnesium) + Chia Seed (magnesium) = Nature's Natural Weight Loss


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