Juice dieting has become a popular way for people to detoxify their body and lose weight, provided they do it healthily and for a limited time. Juice dieting consists of cutting out all solid food for some time, replacing your entire food intake with various fruit and vegetable juices.

Since fruits and vegetables contain high concentrations of nutrients and antioxidants, low levels of calories, and almost no fat, this can be an excellent way to get your health back on track.

Juice diets may not always taste heavenly but at any rate, can be amazingly good for you. With all the fluff around the locally acquired foods, it is practically confounded to discover out of this improper environment, where you are urged to consume every one of those foods with added substances, included sugars, carbohydrates and fats.

Along these lines, toxins and free radicals begin streaming unreservedly through your body, jeopardising your health at an extraordinary arrangement and banishing your positive mindset. However, don't stand there watching them decimating your prosperity!

Here are just a few of the many benefits of juice dieting.

Some of the top benefits of juice dieting include strengthening the immune system, losing weight, preventing cancer, detoxifying the body, improving digestion and improving repair throughout the body.

Boosts immune system

Many vegetable and fruit juices are rich in vitamin c, vitamin a, lycopene, beta-carotene, and an array of immune-boosting minerals. [1] with your system flooded with these protective nutrients, many of which are antioxidants, your immune system will be able to better defend against infections and pathogens.

Helps in weight loss

Juice dieting can aid in weight loss because you will be consuming fewer calories than an average diet, while also stimulating the metabolism and lowering cholesterol levels. However, juice dieting often causes a loss of water weight, which can return to a certain degree after the fast is over.

Prevents cancer

With numerous antioxidants in vegetables and fruit and removal of processed foods and artificial sugars, juice dieting can lower the impact of oxidative stress and reduce your risk for chronic diseases, like cancer.

Detoxifies the body

With a pure liquid diet and the diuretic properties of many fruit and vegetable juices, this diet approach can flush out toxins from the kidney and liver and has been shown to reduce excess mucus in various areas of the body.
Improves digestion

By removing dietary fibre from your daily intake, you can allow your digestive system to rest and more efficiently absorb critical nutrients and antioxidants during the fast.

What is juice dieting & how to do it?

Juice dieting means eliminating all solid food from your diet for an extended period, and only consuming vegetable and fruit juice. In most cases, this also means eliminating all of the dietary fibre from your diet, as a juicer will prevent any of those fibres from being included in the juice. Using a blender and straining, your juice can have a similar effect.

The best way to do a juice fast is to stock up on a variety of fruits and vegetables and clear out excess carbohydrates and snacks from your home. It may be easy to avoid making yourself a steak, but after a few days of a juice fast, a bag of potato chips may begin to look extremely tempting.

Most juice fasting diets urge you to consume 5-6 different juice mixes each day, some of which may be repeated. It is essential to get as many essential nutrients as possible, which will require different drinking blends of fruits and vegetables, as each has a different nutrient profile. Drinking 6-8 glasses of a single juice are quite dull and will make it harder for you to succeed in your fast. Finally, specific fruits and vegetables are incredibly high in particular nutrients, and there is always the danger of consuming too much of one nutrient (e.G., hyperkalemia – an excess of potassium).

How safe is juice dieting?

There is significant debate about the safety of juice dieting since it is inherently reducing your intake of certain nutrients that a balanced diet would provide. By depriving the body of calories and protein, it is possible to weaken the immune system and to lose muscle mass, while also leading to nutrient deficiencies if the juice fast isn’t done correctly.

While there are experts on both sides, claiming the benefits and dangers of juice dieting, they can all agree that diversity of vegetables and fruit is crucial, as is closely monitoring one’s calorie intake and nutrient balance. The duration of a juice fast is also a matter of intense debate.

How long can you do juice dieting?

Most experts do not recommend juice dieting for more than three days, while others have praised the benefits of extended juice dieting up to 3 weeks at a time!

However, if you are depriving your body of dietary fibre, protein, fats and calories for more than a few days a week at the most, you are likely to start seeing adverse effects.

You may experience dizziness or lightheadedness if your juices are primarily vegetable-based, as vegetables have fewer calories. A juice fast of more than three days may also result in exhaustion and muscle weakness, due to the low intake of protein.

Beyond three days, many people extend a juice diet, which means that most of your meals consist of juice, but a small meal at night, often rich in protein, rounds out the whole day. Generally speaking, three days is the acceptable limit for a pure juice fast, but depending on your present health condition, slightly longer juice fasts may be acceptable.

Juice dieting recipes

Some of the best ingredients for juice dieting can be spread across your meals for a balanced and delicious approach to juice dieting.

Morning: celery, kale, green apple, lemon, lime and ginger.

Afternoon: papaya, pineapple, ginger, kiwi and coconut water.

Evening: mango, blueberries, kale, lemon, avocado, flax seeds and coconut water.

Juice diets

If you are a genuine enthusiast of fruits or vegetables, and you need to experience complete detoxification of your body, here are seven essential and healthy juice diets to get ready at home.

Juice diet 1

Who says you can't consolidate apples and root vegetables? Take your blender or juicer, then blend a couple of cuts of ginger, one carrot, beet and a large portion of an apple together, then make the most of your drink.

This delightful juice has a lovely taste because of the carrot. However, it may turn out to be some way or another harsh because of the apple. With just 155 calories, this juice is extraordinary for beginners!


1/2 inch of ginger
One carrot
One beet
Two apples

Juice diet 2

A blend between sweet potatoes and almonds is sufficient to supplement your living being with the fundamental potassium and protein every day stipends, which will adjust your liquids and electrolytes.

You need an apple, a large portion of orange, almonds and a large part of sweet potato to set this up juice – combine these ingredients, and you will get a complete refueler for the days when you feel tired.


One apple
Two oranges
Four almonds (it's ideal for absorbing almonds water for a couple of hours prior)
One sweet potato

Juice diet 3

Winter has arrived, and cold is going with it, so you have to take some additional safety measures to keep a possible infestation. You can set yourself up a tasty and exceptionally healthy juice by blending kiwis, grapefruit and oranges, alongside a squeeze of cinnamon, for a new taste. This will support your immune system and will provide you with a lot of vitamins in the meantime.


One kiwis
Three grapefruit
Two oranges
1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon

Juice diet 4

On the off chance that tiredness and drowsiness cause you inconveniences, the most suitable approach to maintain a strategic distance from them is setting up a natural juice with peaches, lychees in syrup and coconut water.

Aside from being an excellent wellspring of energy, this juice will likewise keep your body correctly hydrated, which is an or more especially amid the winter, when your life forms need liquids.

You ought to blend just a large portion of a glass of coconut milk with one peach and the same number of lychees in syrup as you need, including a teaspoon of honey for a superior taste.


One peach
Lychees in syrup (add to taste)
1/2 glass of coconut milk
One teaspoon of honey (discretionary)

Juice diet 5

Remember that you will require a lot of cell reinforcements to detoxify your living being so that a home-made detox juice will be the most suited decision. You will need one mango, a glass of blueberries and three or four average measured strawberries keeping in mind the end goal to set this up juice.

Combine these ingredients then make the most of your natural and delectable drink! On the off chance that you plan to go to your workout session, you may utilise it after you complete, to help your nutritional values and keep your body thin.


One mango
1/2 glass of blueberries
Four strawberries

Juice diet 6

Vitamins are additionally vital with regards to detoxification, so take a drink of this vitamin pressed juice and demonstrate some watch over your health.

With just 192 calories, this juice joins pears, apples and fruits, which will make an excellent tasting drink that will improve you feel than any time in recent memory. This juice contains vitamin a, b complex, c and e, and additionally lutein, which advances solid bones and can battle maturing, so you get triple benefits in an only single drink.


One pear
Two apples
1/2 glass of blueberries

Juice diet 7

Iron is the key for a healthy living being, so you will require it incorporated into your diet, as well. Set up an incredible juice diet with kale, granny smith apple, green grapes and cucumber, and you will begin feeling excellent. This juice is rich in vitamin k, which helps a significant number of your organs work accurately.


Ten kale leaves
Two granny smith apple
20 green grapes
1/2 a cucumber

With every one of these juices thoughts, you ought to have the capacity to pick precisely the right one for you and begin living healthy.

Try not to stick just to one of these juices be that as it may, even though it is your most loved one or tastes superior to the others. One of these drinks consumed day by day will guarantee your life form the vital admission of nutrients and will make you feel positive always!



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