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It's undeniable juicing and exercising play well together and you can very well take advantage of your juicing habit to add healthy fuel to your workouts with pre workout drinks.

Plus if you’re taking the time to exercise, you want to make the most out of each sweat session. To optimize each and every sit up, burpee, and lunge, you need to consume the right nutrients to energize, optimize, and replenish your muscles and vasculature to keep your endurance high and your recovery time short.

Pre workout drinks help you do that. So if you’re not already juicing for better workouts so here’s your handy guide to creating your very own pre workout energy elixirs and post workout muscle replenishing juices.

For anyone wanting to whip themselves into shape in need of the energy to make it happen try these energy boosting foods in your pre workout drink

There's a common misconception that you should refrain from eating before working out. This stems from the belief that your body will tap into its fat reserves if there is no fuel available to burn first.

Although this can be the case, the truth is that your body needs fuel to provide energy for your workout whether your workout be cardio or weightlifting. Juicing and blending the right foods can be a quick and easy way to get the right, energy boosting fuel that your body needs for an effective workout.

There are tonnes of types of foods that can be juiced or blended. Foods with complex carbohydrates provide some of the best energy-producing fuel, as they supply glucose and are able to convert glucose into energy slowly, giving your muscles a consistent energy supply throughout your workout.

Complex carbs are also better for your body because they're usually found in foods that are loaded with vitamins, minerals and nutrients, such as fruits, vegetables and grains.

Your body takes about five hours to digest fat, three hours for protein and two hours for carbohydrates. For this reason if your workout is a few hours away your meal should consist of a combination of low fat, high carb foods with moderate protein. If your workout is about 90 minutes away--have a snack to energize.

This is where juicing comes in. Health drinks can be prepared quickly, easily and can be a great source of complex carbohydrates, protein, minerals, vitamins and nutrients.

The following pre workout drinks provide some great examples of health drinks that will boost your bodies energy for a more effective workout.

They are great low calorie, high supplement energy boosting foods for your your pre workout drink.

They'll get your blood bubbling and whip your metabolism into gear, without the sugar crash that goes with privately procured energy drinks.

Battery recharge

The example is a quick pick me-up that provides long term energy and is easy to make. Carrot juice is a great source of beta-carotene, the famous antioxidant that protects against the damaging effects of exercise and increases oxygen in the blood, tissues and brain. Ginseng is renown for providing strength and energy. Garlic, among its many other benefits, increases stamina.

8 oz. Carrot juice
1 clove garlic, juiced
1 tea spoon ginseng powder

Juice the carrots and garlic and stir in the ginseng powder or granules. Ginseng is available at health and oriental food stores. Use organic carrots for the best tasting juice.

The second example involves banana and spirulina, good sources of potassium and important for the conversion of glucose to glycogen for energy. Magnesium (from bran, almonds and spirulina) is important for the storage and release of glycogen. Almonds are also a high energy food, producing six calories per gram. Adequate levels of chromium (from bran and banana) and zinc (from spirulina) help balance blood sugar regulation and therefore energy production.

1 cup apple juice
1 banana
2 table spoon oat, rice or wheat bran
1 table spoon spirulina, chlorela or blue-green algae
8 to 12 almonds
Add pure water to taste

Blend the banana and the bran in the juice until smooth. Add the spirulina or other algae powder. For best digestion, almonds should be softened by pre-soaking them for several hours. If you like a crunchy, chewy drink, add the almonds at the end and just chop or blend them briefly.
Muscle milk

Oats provide a rich source of carbohydrates that are easily converted into energy. Oats increase stamina and are particularly fortifying for the heart muscle. Oat milk is available in health food stores, or you can make your own. Or you may substitute soy milk.

The calcium contained in cocoa acts as a muscle tonic and helps with muscular contraction. Whey protein is the richest dietary source of bcaa's, a form of amino acids that builds muscle mass. Whey protein prevents muscle loss and promotes muscle growth and repair. Honey provides glucose, a source of energy.

1 cup of oats or soy milk
1 tea spoon whey protein powder
1 table spoon cocoa powder
1 tea spoon honey

Serve hot or cold. If drinking hot, stir the cocoa powder and whey into the hot milk. Heat up to a boil, but do not boil. If drinking cold, shake or blend the powders and honey thoroughly into the milk.


Energy equation:

Water (h20) + Lemon (vitamin c) + Guava (vitamin b6) + Courgette (vitamin c) + Spinach (vitamin b1) + Sesame Seed (vitamin b6) = Nature’s Natural Energy


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